Mosquito Magnet Executive

  • Coverage area 5000m2
  • US design
  • Catches in 360 degrees
  • Catches all blood sucking mosquitoes, midges and gnats
  • Easy to handle
  • Cordless
  • Large catch container
  • Smart Technology with features such as reduced propane consumption
  • Counterflow vaccum technology

Mosquito Magnet's most advanced machine with the highest performance

The exclusive model in the Mosquito Magnet series. The Mosquito Magnet Executive gives you the freedom to control gas consumption and when to run it. Executive is the most advanced model and holds the highest performance. It uses "Smart Technology" which means advanced diagnostics and reduced gas consumption. Auto-start, which means that the machine will start itself automatically if the machine is switched off by p.g.a. too low outside temperature (less than +5 degrees centigrade).

The mosquito machine is based on everything that its predecessors succeed with and advances the technology even more. The mosquito catcher attracts the mosquitoes with the help of two important factors. Gas that is converted into carbon dioxide and thus is perceived as human exhaled air. The fragrance octanol, which gives off a fragrance reminiscent of a human. When the mosquitoes come near the machine, they are pulled in by a fan, which is based on vacuum technology. Once trapped in the net, the mosquitoes and the knot dry out and die within a day. After about 4-6 weeks, the mosquito stock has decreased significantly and with continuous use Mosquito Magnet Executive will cover an area up to 4000 m2.

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